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Being a father may be the most daunting challenge you’ll ever face. And trying to raise a son to be the man God intended can seem impossible when he hits the stage of raging hormones, being glued to his cell phone, and having a jam-packed schedule that excludes you. Though society today seems determined to pull your teen further away from meaningful relationships, you are charged with showing your son a better way to live. Building a Roof Crasher is not just pithy advice, it provides the help and guidance you need to easily and successfully lead your son toward authentic manhood.


Building a Roof Crasher gets straight to the point: your son doesn’t need a pithy piece of advice—he needs you. Written from his own experiences with his son, author Bill Eyster shares the story of how regularly meeting with a group of fathers and sons to honestly discuss common concerns transformed not only their relationships but also their lives.


Discover the power of presence and the value of personally investing in your son’s life—nothing is more important than active, loving participation. Are you ready to step up to the plate? Are you willing to be all in? If you want your son to be a man of honor and valor, Building a Roof Crasher will equip you to lead the way.


Every young man is designed by God to lead a courageous life. Learn how to intentionally parent your son and equip him to face life’s challenges with confidence and valor.                  - Bill Eyster

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