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Roof Crasher Sample Lessons


As seen in Chapter 6 of the Roof Crashers book, these sample lessons will provide you with a few sample lessons that you can use to get started. You will find that each of these discussions or lessons are pretty simple and basic. These weekly lessons are purposely not formulaic, as it keeps the boys interested by introducing various concepts and teachings in different ways. They never really knew what to expect, and the guys seemed to like it that way. We did each week start by asking the guys how they were doing and if there were any specific prayer requests or things they were struggling with, and we opened in prayer led by one of the Roof Crashers.


These examples are located here for you in an easy, printable format. I encourage you to also develop some of your own lessons based on what God puts in your heart and what your guys need and are struggling with.

Pursuing Wisdom

and Knowledge

Being a Roof Crasher

Part 1

Measuring Our

Growth As Men

On Mission


What Were You Thinking?

Relationships Matter

Part 1

Being a Roof Crasher

Part 2

Everybody Has

a Story


To-Do List

Roof Crashers

Are Leaders

Relationships Matter

Part 2

Be Prepared and Storm Ready

Standing Firm

Death and Living

Consumer or


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